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Along the walk back, Lauren and Ollie were busy in mid conversation behind me as I let my eyes wander from the cliff side to the sea side. About half way down the hill I glanced to my right over towards the cliff side, just in time to spot a small trail leading off into the side of the cliff. There was also a small sign that delineated the location of a self guided cave walk. Intrigued I paused, therefore causing both Ollie and Lauren to stop as well and continued to cross over towards the cave.
The path led down a slope through a few trees and opened up where a set of stairs climbed into the mouth of the cave. Surprised at the depth of the cave, we slowly made our way further in encroaching in on the darkness. I stopped to pull out my torch (headlamp) as Ollie commented that i looked like a proper cave explorer.
Moving further in our pace slowed as our visibility diminished and we became reliant only on our torch and no longer on the daylight reaching inside. Following the marked path, the walls of the cave turned from a large cathedral type opening to a narrow passage directing you further inside. We continued to follow the path reached the point where you could no longer stand up properly. If I would of been wearing proper footwear and brought along special gear then I would of continued, but for today this was the point where we decided to turn and head back.
On the way out I paused a few times in order to attempt taking a few photos in the darkness, utilizing my torch as a light source to observe the stalactites growing on the ceilings and the formations of the rock floor.

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