10:30 am

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This morning Lauren was heading out for her tour of the workshop for the Lord of The Rings Movie, and since I was not accompanying her on this adventure I instead went for a walk downtown in search of a good cup of coffee and a quiet space to sit and read my book in the morning sunshine.
The city centre where we were the day before had a cafe right on the water with several bean bag chairs that you could pick up and move around the tiered lawn, so i grabbed one and moved it off to the side in order to have my own little space in the sunshine.
I ordered my coffee and pulled out my book, and sitting there for a few hours listening to the cafes playlist of jazzy songs while waiting for Lauren to return.
When Lauren returned we sat together and ate our lunches, mine being more of the hummus and crackers with cucumber I had purchased the day prior from the market, and Lauren's being the cheese and crackers from the grocery shop.
Before heading on to the gardens for the afternoon, Lauren wanted to look for a Gelato shop, so I asked the girl in the cafe where the closest one was and it happened to be just up the street. I had such good intentions that I would just accompany Lauren to the shop and not purchase anything, but the gelato got the better half of me and I caved. I got a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of peanut butter caramel. They were absolutely delicious and we ate them up so quickly, especially because they were melting in the sun. Near the end of mine I managed to bite the cone the wrong way ergo slopping chocolate on my pants, shirt and the bench on which we were sitting on. There was not much I could do other than wipe it off, which I did and then we continued on towards the gardens for the afternoon.

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