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With Huka Falls only being 6km from the town we figured that it would make for a perfect day hike and along the way back we could stop off at the spa park. It was supposed to rain a little in the afternoon so we headed out just after breakfast.
On the way we passed the grocery store and to grab a thing or two for lunch.
The first bit of the walk was along the city blocks passing both residential and commercial districts, then it opened up to the highway heading out of town. The sidewalk continued to stretch on the way we wanted to go and brought us out to a scenic lookout of the town of Lake Taupo before turning off to the side road that brought us to the falls. At the turn off we still had another 4 or so km to go and we had gotten talking to a young couple at the lookout and they ended up offering us a ride the remainder of the way dropping us off in the parking lot. We skipped over the visitors centre and headed straight over the bridge which led you directly over the extremely fast flowing Huka Falls channel.
Lauren and I sat there for a few moments contemplating whether or not the turbidity of the water was too strong for a white water raft to make it down safely. In the end we came to a decision that it was possible but for extremists or highly trained professionals and that we would be okay not going down it ourselves.
Off to the left the path led us alongside the Waitomo River with several lookout points where people lined the metal fence a short distance from the cliffs edge. At the last lookout, otherwise known as the Huka Falls Lookout, a display sign with the Mauri name "Huka" printed on it with the translated word foam, describing the icy blue and white water colours once it had passed through the falls and filled with air bubbles.
Huka falls in some regards is similar to Niagara with the pure velocity of water rushing through every minute, just on a smaller scale. The water pushing through Huka Falls per minute is enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools, so for the amount of time that Lauren and I stood watching the falls 45 Olympic pools could have been filled.
Following the trail in the other direction this time we followed the river as we watched the water turn from an icy white and blue colour to a pure emerald green. The path opened up in areas here and there but for the majority of the time there was vegetation on either side, following us as we hiked towards the geothermal hot pools also known as the Spa Park.

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