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With it being our last night and all, we had decided that it would be the perfect time for a celebratory dinner and to cap off our trip with one last bit of New Zealand culture. Originally it was just going to be myself and Lauren, and we had decided on pizza, but as we asked Carl about which places were best we ended up turning it into a group outing.
Since at that point in time it was just Carl, Carmen, Lauren and myself at the house it was just the four of us that went for dinner. If we didn't need to be at the airport for 8pm then we would have stayed and waited for the other girls to get back before going out but unfortunately we were on a bit of a time crunch.
Around 5:30 we drove down to Toto's, a local Italian pizzeria which sold meter long pizza's. Unsure of the amount we should order we confided in the waiter who suggested that for the four of us we would be perfectly content with one meter long pizza and that we were able to order two different kinds. Lauren and I went for the margarita pizza (the veggie option) and the other two ended up getting a meat version similar to Hawaiian. It didn't take us long at all to demolish the entire thing, and before we were even finished Carl had called ahead to reserve us seats at an elite dessert place called Milse.
Milse on a normal night is said to have a long lineup outside due to its popularity. Once we got inside i realized why it was so popular, the desserts on display were each a separate fancy intricate piece of artwork in itself.
We were seated in the far corner where we had a view of the staff piecing the desserts together. The waitress served us some carbonated water and gave us a few moments to look over the menu. At this point Carl had offered for us each to pick a dessert and we would share the three of them among the four of us. Once I picked mine I sat there admiring the intricate lattice designs on the wooden screens covering the windows and ceilings in order to create a more intimate atmosphere.
In the end we had ordered 4 desserts, one of which was a completely new concept to me but absolutely delicious. The amuse bouche shooters were served in a tube of layered flavors ranging from berry flavored jelly to crumble to whipped creme, all meant to be sucked up in one shot mixing the flavors all in one shot.
The other three desserts came as a plated dessert all decked out and presented each in their own specific manner. We had ordered the chocolate, blueberry and pear desserts, all of which Carl generously paid for as a parting gesture.
The evening flew by so quickly, and we all had a blast telling stories and sharing the flavors of the fantastic food. It was the perfect way to say our goodbyes to Auckland, but most of all our entire journey across New Zealand and the amazingly generous people that we had met along the way.

I can officially say that i wholeheartedly agree with John Muir and his quote "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks".

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