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When we reached the turn off for the caves we turned off to follow the side trail it lead us along a rocky uneven surface marked with sign posts in order to stay on track. The caves we only a 15 min walk up the path but along the way there were some other small caves and geological features that stood out from the remainder of the environment. We only briefly stopped off to explore before continuing along towards the cave.
When we reached the cave I stopped to get out my head lamp from my backpack before climbing into the entrance of the cave that disappeared underground. I led us into the cave with Lauren following close behind, the light from the entrance only reaching so far into the cave before we began to rely solely on our lights to light up the path. About mid way the cave opened up again to the sky above where the ceiling had collapsed revealing the forest around it and allowing the foliage to encroach into the cave. Just after the opening the cave dipped back into the darkness and the circumference of the tube began to shrink and changed from a full height stance down to a crouching stance. The interior of the cave was surprisingly quite dry for the fact that it had been raining on and off for the entire morning.
The lave tube continued right till the end where it opened back up to the forest and the brightness of the light reflecting off of the clouds. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust back to the light before continuing along the trail where we circled back around alongside the cave although this time on the surface instead of underground.
We stopped off at the turn off where the trail rejoined with the main summit track and sat on a group of cut logs for our lunch break. There had been a few signs along the trail warning us of the high population of wasps in the area, but since we hadn't really come across any so far I figured the rain might have kept them away. Within five minutes or so they emerged from their nests and began swarming around our legs and our cheese and crackers. At first they were fine and not really bothering me, until they began swarming my face and head. I suggested packing up and continuing our lunch further down the trail on a bench at the lookout and Lauren immediately agreed, so we gathered our things and slowly moved away from the wasps as not to startle them. We managed to escape with no stings and ate our lunch elsewhere away from the wasps.
After lunch the weather began to take a turn for the worse, so we hiked back down to the main hut on the island where there were several others waiting for the next ferry ride back to the mainland which was supposed to arrive within the next 15 minutes. We discussed the idea of staying and hiking more of the island or returning back to the mainland and in the end decided to return back before the weather got worse.
When we reached the mainland we wandered around the shops for the remainder of the afternoon before returning back to Carl's house for a snack. There were a few really cute trinket shops and second hand stores close by so after dropping off our packs we went back out and wandered some more.
Later that evening after dinner we all ended up hanging out at the house and got into a game of cards against humanity with Carmon, Anna, Lauren, Carl, Mercedies, and Melinda, which in the end turned into a huge laughing fest with the language barriers and the cultural backgrounds. We had a blast and ended up staying up playing past midnight.

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