03 Mar 2016

Over The Mtn's & Thru The Woods - NZL by valeriepeltier


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With our late arrival in Queenstown, instead of trying to find a grocery store at 9pm we instead decided to check out Ferg Burger, a restaurant that was recommended by several other travellers along the way.
When we passed by it on the way to the hostel to drop our bags off, it was still quite busy so we were hoping that when we returned the line would of had a chance to go down.
Instead when we walked back the line was still just as full. The popularity of the burger place was astonishing for the size of the town. As we waited in line we read the means posted on the exterior wall, and watched people as they ordered and waited for their food. The tv screen flashing numbers of orders waiting to be claimed.
When we reached the end of the cue we both ended up ordering the Falafel burger, one with fries and one with onion rings, and splitting them.
The burger was delicious and worth every penny. Loaded with toppings it was a full meal in itself. The fries had the perfect amount of seasoning, but the onion rings were not as good as I was expecting.
For dessert, we had been told that while in Queenstown a must do is to stop at Patagonia for gelato. With so many choices it was hard to choose, but in the end I caved with the blueberry gelato, which tasted exactly like a smoothie in ice team form.