11 Mar 2016

Over The Mtn's & Thru The Woods - NZL by valeriepeltier


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Dropped off at the ferry terminal in Picton we parted our way with our bus and continued alongside a Danish study group in order to check in our bags. After waiting for them to unload their bags from the bus and then check in all of their bags for the ferry, we were finally able to check ours in and head out for lunch.
First we found the grocery store, ended up purchasing a couple items we needed for dinner and decided that we would go back to the fish and chips shop across the street. For $2.50 she filled up a package of crispy homemade chips and sent us on our way.
Eventually time rolled around and we made our way back to the ferry terminal since we were told to be there for 1:30 to check in for our 2:15 departure. The interislander terminal was buzzing with excited travellers, the majority of which were school groups. As 2:15 came and went we sat there waiting for them to begin boarding, but instead there was an announcement on the speaker to inform us that our ferry was delayed due to a late kiwi bus.
After finally boarding, we found a spot on the 8th floor (out of 10) near the front of the boat in order to get a good view through the windows. We amused ourselves with a deck of cards and played rummy for what seemed like ages before the boat finally began moving and heading towards Wellington.
The beginning of the journey was pleasant, and we were able to continue our game of cards and we moved through the channel protected from the surrounding islands of the cook straight. When we reached open water, the tables turned and they turned rather quickly. For the remainder of the trip with an approximate duration of 2 hours, both Lauren and I were busy fighting motion sickness as the ferry sailed its way through 5-9m swells, where the waves were splashing above the 8th floor and soaking the sides of the ship. As soon as we rounded the corner, they restricted the access to the upper deck, closing it down for the duration of the crossing, due to the gale winds.
Needless to say our card game came to a halt, and Lauren made her way to the bathroom, while I stayed put in my chair, fighting the urge to continuously discard my lunch. The staff circled around, making sure everyone was okay as they passed out bags and fetched people ice cubes.
The ice cubes seemed to help me quite a bit, especially for bringing my temperature back down to a normal degree, as I continued taking deep breaths, breathing in and out with each wave while trying to focus on the horizon.
Lauren still hadn't returned, and since I was unable to move from my chair with the fear of emptying my stomach so instead I asked a staff member to check on Lauren and make sure she was okay.
I'm not sure how, but somehow I managed not to throw up, and once we reached calm water again I went to check on Lauren, finding her huddled up mid cabin in the hallway against a wall.
She didn't look well enough to move yet, but was looking pretty cold, so I walked back over to our bags and grabbed her sweater and coat, so at least she would be warm.
Eventually we returned to our seats for the last 10 minutes of the ferry ride, pulling into the bay, arriving to the north island for 7pm.
All we had left to do was get our bags and figure out the bus. After a half hour of standing on the side of the baggage claim round about, and being pushed constantly I had no more energy in me. We finally got our bags, flagged down a taxi and retired for the evening.