18 Feb 2016

Over The Mtn's & Thru The Woods - NZL by valeriepeltier


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When we climbed on our bus to Dunedin after saying our goodbyes to Sue, we realized there were no two seats free that were together, so we each picked a seat semi close to one another near the back of the bus.
I had chosen the empty seat beside a guy named Mike, who I later began talking with after the bus driver came on the speaker and began randomly telling us the balloon story which I think was supposed to be a joke. After he had finished talking Mike and I were laughing about it and trying to figure out what the point to the story was.
After that Mike and I continued talking, finding out he was travelling solo from Idaho, during his off season from trail maintenance along the Centennial Trail.
After a quick rest stop as Lauren and I were getting back on the bus she had asked me for a few of the chocolates that Sue and Bruce had given us, so when I got back to my seat I dug them out. Since we had figured out that neither of us liked the Turkish delight ones so I figured I would dig them all out and give them away. This of course was when Mike got back on the bus and make a joke about it being snack time, as I sat there with a pile of chocolate bars on my lap. Since we had so many, I ended up giving him the Turkish delight one along with another one.

When we got to Dunedin, Mike continued on and Lauren and I got off downtown. We quickly grabbed some groceries and found the bus we needed to get out to St Kilda holiday park. Once we were all set up we took a walk across the field and up over the sand dunes onto the beach. The waves were crashing in, with a few swimmers, surfers and paddlers fighting against them. We walked up and down the beach soaking our feet in the cold water. As I was walking up the beach I began making different markings in the sand, little curves by dragging my toes a little here and there.
On the way back I had stopped in a couple spots to quickly draw a picture in the sand using only my feet. I could of easily spent hours drawing in the sand, digging my toes in and drawing line after line. I ended up drawing three pictures, one of a wave, one of the landscape at the end of the beach and one of a mountain range.