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When we arrived at Dublin Airport we automatically knew this trip was going to be relaxing when we went through customs. That is... that there were virtually none. I may regret writing this when Ireland customs decides to read my journal, but they slightly glanced at our passports, stamped them, and in mere minutes we were on our way.

We quickly found the bus and hopped on. The driver was fairly difficult to understand (see very HEAVY Irish accent) so we moved ourselves to the front of the bus like it was the first day of elementary school. He asked everyone where they were headed and after a few tries we explained to him what our instructions on our airbnb reservation said. To this he exasperatedly shook his head at the confused looking Americans and said it wasn't on his route. Luckily he took pity on us and offered to drop us off anyway.

When we got off we headed down a sort of winding dirt path. After attempting one wrong neighborhood we made our first discovery about Ireland; there are no such thing as street signs. We eventually were lead to a park with a nice walking path around it. I found myself very thankfully I had brought Wesley along because my directional skills were failing me. He was able to figure out the street somehow and we guessed which house by looking at the few surrounding houses that had house numbers.

We met the airbnb host who showed us around the space which was nothing too exciting, but all we needed was a place to sleep anyway. I can say one thing for certain though. He most definitely never tested any of the directions he gave us.

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