5:30 pm

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Once we made it to Dublin (about a 20-30 min. trip) the first thing on our agenda was grabbing a beer (it is Ireland after all). We found a random pub by the waterway and waited to meet up with our friend from the states, Chantelle. We were starving so we quickly moved onto the food portion of our evening.

We wandered through Temple Square which was packed with rambunctious (slightly drunk) people. We took note and kept searching for food. We didn't make it very far past Temple Bar before we found Quays Irish Restaurant.

I had a cider and really good fish and chips, Wesley had mussels and a beer. The food was pretty nice, but the place was kind of uptight so we didn't spend too much extra time lingering.

Unfortunately we were all so starving we didn't manage to get pictures of our food before we scarfed it down.

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