7:00 pm

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We are tourists. That being said I hate tourists. However, for this one occasion I made an exception and decided to join the rest of the tourists from all over the world that came to Dublin to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

Temple Square (since there was no chance in getting into the overflowing bar anyway) was an obvious choice. The square right outside the bar was essentially one giant party with live music, people screaming, and lots and lots of beer. We felt really out of place because we didn't have any green on so we ran to one of the tourist shops and bought a few things, grabbed a few drinks at a shop and joined the party.

So much fun...

Had a blast, but could barely keep my eyes open because of the jet lag I had due to my inability to take my eyes off the screen from Frozen on the airplane. We called it an early night and left @JaciClair to enjoy the rest of the night for us and headed back on the train, which was yet another time I was glad I keep Wesley around because I fell asleep and would have missed our stop.

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