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I woke up ready to go, finally over my jet lag. We got up and headed straight into the city center again by train.

We were warned not to walk to the Guinness Factory from the train station since it is not known to be the safest area. Being our typical selves we decided not to follow the advice and walked anyway. While the walk was much less touristy and I wouldn't necessarily want to walk around at night, I was really glad we got the fresh air and I would definitely take the walk again.

Back to the adventures... when we got to the Guinness Factory we took a look at the line that wrapped around the building and almost turned around right then. We knew it would be busy since it was the day before Saint Patrick's Day, but I wasn't quite prepared for that. Luckily I realized that since I had thought ahead and bought student tickets online we were able to skip the entire line. Best move of the trip.

The first few levels were okay, but I think it would have been much more interesting to see parts of how the beer is actually made rather than simulations.

When we made it to the forth floor we waited in line and made silk screen posters. Even though I was initially very weary of going to the Guinness Factory during such a touristy time they had a ton of extra activities and free things to do because of the occasion.

On the fifth floor we took a Guinness pouring class. Basically, you have to angle the glass at a 45 degree angle then straighten it out as you fill the glass. Once it gets to the top of the crest you have to let the beer settle for two minutes then top it off by pushing the spout forward because it lets less gas into the drink. I won the perfect pint poured so I felt pretty good beating all the men. On this floor there were also delicious food tastings with salmon and cream cheese on Guinness brown bread. My favorite part of the whole factory was a room off to the side on this level. I think normally it's just more bars, but instead they had musicians playing and bar stools set up where we could just hang out and listen to the music. The band we heard most translated popular songs into Gaelic.

The next floor had a quail egg tasting which I was not the biggest fan of, but hey I tried it.

We ended our trip up on the Gravity bar where you can see some of the best views.

As much as I am afraid of tourist traps sometimes I'm glad I got trapped in this one. I definitely did not expect to have so much fun.

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