14 Mar 2014

Ireland by Cyrahc


Star 6


I finally made it to Friday; the day I had been waiting for since November when my Fiance, Wesley, surprised me with a week long trip of my choice. In the excitement we left the city super early to get to JFK and made it with over an hour to spare. Thankfully, out of NY's airport's JFK is in my opinion the best of the worst and actually has a nice wine bar called Vino Volo. We found ourselves a nice little corner table and enjoyed a couple of wine tastings to start off our trip. (They were even nice enough to give us the information for the wine we liked).

Truthfully, we should have tried to go to sleep as soon as we got on the airplane to avoid jet lag, but naturally Frozen was playing and we couldn't resist. I suppose a bit of jet lag is inevitable anyway and completely worth it for Frozen.

Our second leg of the trip was only an hour after we transferred at 6am from UK's Birmingham airport. It was a fairly nice airport for all intents and purposes and had a cute little courtyard mall type area. We sat next to a guy on the flight who gave us our first taste of the Irish. He was a lot of fun, very chatty with his thick accent, and happy to share his rather opinionated advice with us. He did share Cadbury chocolate with us so he's a winner in my book.