18 Mar 2014

Ireland by Cyrahc


Star 3


The hotel we stayed at offered a complimentary breakfast at the restaurant included in the stay. The food was delicious. There were so many options. They had everything from a cold buffet of fruit, meat, and cheeses to a full service made to order breakfast. We indulged in both.

The view was equally as good as the food.

After we ate we took in the air outside and snapped a few pictures before we hit the road again.

Star 0


We stayed in one of the B&B's called Harbour Lodge. Our room was on the second level facing the harbor.

Once we were settled in we decided to find a real place for our picnic and walked down to the harbor by the town area. Our picnic was a success.

The rest of the town was pretty sleepy *mostly since it is a tourist destination and not tourist season. We walked around a had a drink at one of the pubs and met some good company. When you're traveling far away from home you realize what a small world it is when you run into people with mutual friends.

I think I'd call it a very successful day.