19 Mar 2014

Ireland by Cyrahc


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We walked around the town and came across a nice little church up the hill. There were fun little shops. One called the little cheese shop that was a tiny one room, very stinky cheese place. Very cute, but we were a little cheesed out after the picnic.

Someone recommended a restaurant called the Boat House. I picked a table by the window so we could still see the water. The whole outside house was made of giant windows.

The restaurant was definitely more on the pricey side, but completely worth the money. Everything was really fresh and seasoned well.

Wesley and I shared a giant platter that came with two cups of seafood chowder, fish and chips, calamari, bread and crab claws. The crab claws win my taste buds.

I finished the meal with a cappuccino and enjoyed more views.

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After doing so much driving we both really wanted to do something active. We heard that the area had some good hiking trails so we asked for some advice from a few locals. We ended up finding a place to hike called Conar's Pass.

Unfortunately the weather was not exactly on our side. The wind was really blowing and the fog obstructed the view a lot. We decided to give it a shot anyway. The wind was blowing so hard I kept moving all over the place every time I took a step. I am not exaggerating when I say I thought I might blow away.

There were sheep all over the hill too so we kept stepping in "mud". We were laughing so hard the whole way up it didn't matter.

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We decided to find a place to have a drink and listen to some music before calling it a night. We found a place called Cruises. It was definitely a tourist bar, but just about the only place with anything going on.

We ended up talking to a few locals and enjoyed some really good music. More people kept coming in. The band was great. At one point they sang softly and the entire room got quiet to watch and listen.