20 Mar 2014

Ireland by Cyrahc


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Along the trip the roads were all winding. At some points they were one way with a mountain on one side and a cliff on the other. Wesley just kept honking the horn around the corner and I just kept hoping no cars were coming the other direction.

We got a bit turned around direction wise so we kind of wandered for a bit and came across another beach.

What can I say other than Ireland is a windy, beautiful country.

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You know that scene in Harry Potter where they go to Voldemort's place of his Horcrux where he tortured people when he was young. (I'm a bit of a Harry Potter nerd)... That is just like the Cliff's of Moher.

Except the Cliff's of Moher are absolutely breathtaking and I'd have to say it's definitely on my top coolest places I've ever been. The waves come crashing upward from so far below it defies gravity. You definitely don't want to lean to far over the edge.

Completely and totally worth the detour.