21 Mar 2014

Ireland by Cyrahc


Star 1


My last day in Ireland. The weather was very rainy, but I wanted to make the most of it.

We hadn't planned to go to the Jameson House at all, but since the weather was so bad wandering wasn't the most fun thing to do and the Jameson Factory seemed like fun.

The inside where you wait was really pretty. The building had glass ceilings in spots and exposed wooden beams. There was even a restaurant area off to the side where you could try the different cocktails if you wanted.

The tour itself got a less than stellar score from me.

After having so much fun at the Guinness Factory I expected more, but ended up not laughing at their stuffed animal cat and dummies set up on display.

I would probably skip the Jameson tour if I return to Ireland, but it was very informative if you are looking for something along those lines.