2:00 pm

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We are in the middle of our week in Goa, and it is glorious.

Temperatures are high (mid-90s Fahrenheit), but the water is nice, and the lassis are plentiful. My travel partner is doing some work on his laptop in the shade of the beach-front restaurant where we are staying -- Camilson's Beach Resort -- but fortunately, he's still able to keep his toes in the sand. Meanwhile, I've been busy getting a sunburn.

Beaches in Goa are funny because cows roam them. They are content to keep to themselves, though, so as long as you don't mind if one occasionally lays down near you to sunbathe, it's not a problem.

We've rented a motorbike for the week, and yesterday we drove south, to Agonda Beach, which is a bit more secluded than Colva and very picturesque.

I'll be sad to leave our tropical paradise, but I'm also eager to see more of this wonderful country.

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