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It was a hot sweaty struggle to scale the top of Ella Rock but with enough determination, I made it all the way up . You can almost see all of Sri Lanka at the peak. The superb views took my exasperation away. After a calm moment of pondering into the distance, I then made my descent. Foolishly decided to take another route back instead of the one I came up in and of course I screwed up so bad that I totally lost my sense of direction (which is usually pretty good). After eating my last ration of butter cookies and drinking the final drop of water on my bottle, I started to panic, thinking I'm going deeper into the woods. And this is how google maps essentially saved my life. Wish I thought of it sooner though. I found the way back to Ella with the help of gps navigation and caught the train to Haputale.




Wow, there’s some lovely hiking in Sri Lanka!