10:00 pm

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Leaving Rheine was nothing short of a crazy hectic dash/sprint to the train station, which we were quite late for. Our host Engelbert was a godsend in the train-boarding process, which needed to happen lickety split. It involved finding the correct bike car, removing all our bags and getting all the bags AND bikes on to the train before it left. We made it, and had some good sitting/resting/reading time on the train. About 3.5 hours later we were in Berlin.

Berlin, what an amazing city. We took a walking tour of the city center which was quite mind blowing. Seeing Nazi, Soviet and American influence everywhere was quite sobering. Germany, and specifically Berlin, is so honest about its past and mistakes they've made. There is a memorial or a plaque around each corner honoring the victims of different events or occupancies. It's embedded right into the fabric of the city.

Our hosts in Berlin were a sweet young Romanian couple who took five of us in on just hours notice! We all slept in a tiny living room on the 16th floor. We even piled in five bikes and all our luggage. We stayed there for two nights and they were insanely gracious. It has been so fun to meet people in each place and get to know their perspective.

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