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I want to give a little insight into our days on the road...so today I will give hour by hour updates of our journey. Location, thoughts, emotions etc. We have no idea what is next, other than we are headed toward Zurich. Should be a fun day!


We have just spent the last two nights in Winterthur, Swizterland with a family who we have been connected with through the 24/7 Prayer community. They have been so lovely and hospitable. We are overwhelmed, and taking away so many blessings. The day is beautiful, and we are having coffee in the sun before leaving.

Our packing systems are getting more dialed in everyday.

Not many things make Trevor happier than a clean, dry tent...

We set out for the day having no clue where we will sleep, just a list of contacts in Zurich that haven't responded yet...

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Lauren: Great to see the Blackburn lowrider is holding up for you! Keep on rollin!