10:00 pm

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Trevor finishes putting on his new rack as he says loudly to Karly "Hey, any idea where we're gonna sleep tonight?" Loud enough for employees to hear...

We finally ask the guys at the bike shop where a good place to spend the night would be. They explain that there are camping places about 30 minutes away. Moments later, as if a light bulb went off in his head, one guy says "You could just camp here!," motioning to the rear parking lot. "It's safe and, private and blocked off to anyone else. No junkies." Excited glances back and forth. We had a feeling Zurich was a good place, now we know it is.

One guy even offered us a shower to use and about 30 minutes later we were squeaky clean and cooking rice and beans in the parking lot. We had some good belly laughs telling stories of the weirdest places we have slept. Trevor has a few gems. Karly and I are adding to the list. We can't wait to tell the stories in person.

Now, we are all snuggled up in the bike shop doorway, headed to sleep.

Thanks everyone for following our journey. We love and appreciate all the support and miss you all!





What a great day! Thanks for making us a part of it. can't wait to hear about the weird places you've slept. must be weird if a parking sounded right.

P.S. That sandwich!



What an amazing journey you three are on...