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Almost immediately upon entering Switzerland, our pace slowed WAY down. We went from biking 40-50 miles a day to about 20. We almost couldn't help it! The landscape is so beautiful and the people so warm. We have since been told, "That's not typical Swiss" when we told people about the bike shop owners letting us sleep in the lot and another man stopping to talk to us as we ate lunch and then offering us a place to set up our tents on his back porch. Maybe it's the fact that we're traveling and look a little pathetic and helpless sometimes, but we're not complaining =)

Another reason we have slowed down and now come to a screeching halt in Thun, has been that my foot has been inexplicably painful. Thun was already planned as a resting place and connecting with the community who lives here, but I didn't know how important this time would be. After the pain woke me up in the middle of the night, we decided going to the doctor was a priority.

That was an experience in itself, trying to talk medical terms with a doctor who spoke little English. I couldn't understand why he wanted to do a blood test instead of an x-Ray. Trying to make an informed decision and really understand what was going on, I was quickly googling what he was diagnosing. I am already skeptical of doctors and frustrated by having to pay so much for a tiny bit of information.

In the end, it was so helpful. Most likely the pain in my toe was from gout (a terrible sounding word). Makes a ton of sense from the huge shift in diet I've had since traveling (more meat, less vegetables, dehydration etc.) Go figure! I'm already feeling much better. And what an environment to recuperate in!

A swollen left foot...

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Oh no... hoping you feel better soon! Enjoy your time in Thun in the meantime... not a bad place to recuperate. :)