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We keep saying, "we will miss this." The truth in that is almost palpable as we careen down mountain passes, or share a bottle of wine from the exact region we find ourselves in. Life is good as a bike traveler.

We are having a ball here in France. And that is not an overstatement. Amazing, given the fact that Karly and I were the most nervous about traveling through this country because none of us speak even the tiniest bit of French, and we were told (more liked warned) that no one spoke English...

We have found that to be quite the contrary and have stumbled upon the most incredible, tender hearted people you will ever meet. Earlier this week, we were flying high and setting up camp after a sunny day cruising down the Rhône River, when we met two lovely ladies, Sabine and Frederique, fishing with their kids on the river. We chatted for a while, and said our goodbyes, only for them to return 20 minutes later with wine and an invitation to stay with Sabine's family that night in the small village nearby and another invitation to stay with Frederique's family in Lyon a couple nights later. We had the most amazing time sharing stories and culture with both families and loved our time with them. Such a sweet time of connection and over the top generosity that won't soon be forgotten. We biked away from each home feeling equally inspired and encouraged with smiles plastered to our faces. Thanks again to our lovely hosts!

The last few days we have followed the "Via Rhona" bike signs for some of the most incredible days of cycling and wild camping. It seems as though we have been rewarded for our decision to head south as days have been sunny and warm. Through Germany and Switzerland it felt as though winter was clipping our heals. Now reaching the Mediterranean climate, it feels like we're in the clear. We hope to hit the ocean tomorrow or the next day and I couldn't be more excited.

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