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Our weary legs have brought us to Spain. We realized we have not had a rest day since Thun, Swizterland. Thats almost three weeks of constant biking. This fatigue and lack of rest is one of the main reasons the last few days along the coast were so difficult. We are all learning (especially me) that is it so important to be listening to your needs (physical and emotional), even while traveling. It's important to stop, slow down and take a train if you need to. There are no grades in bike touring, no one who's going to say "You're doing it wrong." I am my own biggest critic, and I'm learning to combat the negative voice in my head pointing out my weaknesses. It's a nasty little voice who deserves to get stamped out. Thankfully there is a stronger, more powerful desire to live in the truth that what we are doing is beautiful and worth all the challenges.

So, we listened to our needs and hoped in a rental car and drove across Spain, from Barcelona to Badajoz. Nothing like riding a bike for 3 months to get your to appreciate the speed of a car....and be dumbfounded by the cost of gasoline. Yikes.

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