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We have arrived at our final destination of the trip. We will part ways from Lisbon in a couple days and the feeling is surreal. It's time to reflect and relax and meet up with friends. But we hope that this way of life is not final at all. We are all coming away from this trip with an invigorated love of biking and a desire to keep connecting with people all over the world.

It's been fun to explore Lisbon by bike. We took the "Trevor Borden" tour which consisted of a visit to his old school and one of his childhood homes (and the bike route he used to take home from soccer practice). I love seeing people and places that are woven into the fabric of my friends. It helps give a bigger picture of their lives and a deeper connection is formed. Find Trevor's journal here to get another perspective of our trip :


He has a brilliant way of bringing all the details to life to feel like you are included in the journey.

Lisbon has an incredible depth of creativity. Music and art are everywhere. We have gotten to hear some incredible concerts and seen some amazing street art. This is the perfect place to host our conversations about the next steps we will take once we return to the US.
We all hope to live lives that are not the status quo, and be co-creators of beautiful things in this world and do this all in our own individual ways.

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