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Starting in Haarlem (near Amsterdam) today was our first official day of biking. Our host family in Haarlem graciously took us in, never having met us, through the connection of a mutual friend. Before leaving Haarlem, Andrea (the mom of the family) called her sister and told her we were coming her way. In about 5 minutes we had our next destination decided and tonight we are sitting pretty and feeling full in their beautiful home. Such lovely conversations with both warmhearted families. I know more about the Dutch Santa, Sinterklass than I ever knew was possible. We were also taken to the official start of the Camino de Santiago for many Northern European pilgrims, a spot just blocks from where we stayed in Haarlem. We hope to end our trip riding parts of the camino, so this was a treat, and we have the official stamp to prove it!

Daily Factoids:
52miles (84km)
Avg Speed 10.8 mph
Food €2.5

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This is GREAT!! Love the update. What a wonderful journey. xoxo