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Our saddles are getting sore, hands and toes go numb, the slightest hill sends us panting...the Netherlands is the flattest place I have ever seen. "It's all part of training" we say...I sure hope so. After 160miles, this is just the start.

Our first super market and camping experience were full of cultural blunders, proving we can't always rely on people's helpfulness. "You didn't weigh your onion before you tried to pay for it? Are you for real?" "You biked 80km, but all you have is a credit card? We don't take those, sorry you can't pitch your tent here. Who do you think you are? The president?" (Emphasis added) I am reminded to always treat foreigners kindly :)

In three days we managed to cross the small country of The Netherlands into Germany! Feeling proud of this accomplishment, but first we will rest. Tomorrow is a train ride to Berlin where we will meet up with friends Audrey and Trevor.

Tonight we met Engelbert, who is our gracious Warm Showers host. His excitement for cycling and sharing his experience is amazing. 1.5 hours and a few beers later I think we saw every PowerPoint presentation of his trip. Man, this guy loves to bike.

Amersfoort-->Holten =56.5 mi
Food €21.5
Train to Berlin €62

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Cool you guys! Now your in it to win it