06 Oct 2014

Cycle Me Mine by laurenabe


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I want to give a little insight into our days on the road...so today I will give hour by hour updates of our journey. Location, thoughts, emotions etc. We have no idea what is next, other than we are headed toward Zurich. Should be a fun day!


We have just spent the last two nights in Winterthur, Swizterland with a family who we have been connected with through the 24/7 Prayer community. They have been so lovely and hospitable. We are overwhelmed, and taking away so many blessings. The day is beautiful, and we are having coffee in the sun before leaving.

Our packing systems are getting more dialed in everyday.

Not many things make Trevor happier than a clean, dry tent...

We set out for the day having no clue where we will sleep, just a list of contacts in Zurich that haven't responded yet...

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PERFECT biking weather...cool air, warm sun. A general feeling of contentment.
Trevor called a few contacts, but many people are either too far from Zurich, or on holiday. The next couple weeks in Switzerland many people will be on vacation...May not bode well for a place to stay, but we'll see...

I have had no injuries so far, except for a pain in my big toe that came up a day or so ago. I can't really explain what caused it, but biking feels better than walking, so that's a plus.

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Trevor and I share a love/obsession for bikes, bike parts, bike components, bike blah blah blah...we went on a quest to replace Trevor's broken front rack. Leaving Karly to bask in the sun by the lakeside.

The quest brought us to City Cycles. A small bike shop with a few very nice guys working there. Hesitant to drop so much $ on a new rack, we went to the next store which ended up being a Swiss outdoor store. REI, you have met your match, and you lost big time. You just can't compete with clean European marketing and Alp-hiking clientele...

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Back to City Cycles to buy a Tubus front rack. German made. With two more months left on the bike, Trevor was convinced that it was worth it. A lifetime investment. Let's hope.

I went back to the water to get Karly. We had fun looking at the super fresh bike apparel...

We're still not too worried about where to sleep despite no leads at all. We plan to ask the guys who work here if there are good places to sleep...often the undertone of that question is "Can we sleep in your yard?" And we hope if we bat our eyes enough the answer will be yes.

The only thing is that my foot is hurting and if we have to bike far for a place to sleep that might be a bummer.

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Trevor finishes putting on his new rack as he says loudly to Karly "Hey, any idea where we're gonna sleep tonight?" Loud enough for employees to hear...

We finally ask the guys at the bike shop where a good place to spend the night would be. They explain that there are camping places about 30 minutes away. Moments later, as if a light bulb went off in his head, one guy says "You could just camp here!," motioning to the rear parking lot. "It's safe and, private and blocked off to anyone else. No junkies." Excited glances back and forth. We had a feeling Zurich was a good place, now we know it is.

One guy even offered us a shower to use and about 30 minutes later we were squeaky clean and cooking rice and beans in the parking lot. We had some good belly laughs telling stories of the weirdest places we have slept. Trevor has a few gems. Karly and I are adding to the list. We can't wait to tell the stories in person.

Now, we are all snuggled up in the bike shop doorway, headed to sleep.

Thanks everyone for following our journey. We love and appreciate all the support and miss you all!