10 Oct 2014

Cycle Me Mine by laurenabe


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If I could name one thing that has been a continual theme though out this European journey it would be, hospitality. We have experienced the warmest of welcomes in so many different places and homes and people and parking lots and picnic shelters...in all places we have felt met, and taken care of and safe, and we are so extremely thankful.

Every day I add to the list ways that I want to learn hospitality. By being a guest, I'm learning how to be a better host. I have learned that the best ways to be hospitable is by being yourself and nothing else. The very act of bringing someone into your home is an act of grace and vulnerability. Having a genuine spirit allows the guest to feel free and comfortable and know when you say "make yourself at home," you mean it.

To be able to go on this journey I had to make a handful of sacrifices. Some monetary, some extra work hours and a busy summer schedule and leaving friends and family. But what I have gained in the past five weeks have been some of the greatest gifts.

A quote from The Artists's Way, which I have been reading and loving on this trip,

"Leap, and the net will follow"

has rung true time and time again.

The picture is a postcard note that was left for us upon our arrival in Bern, letting us know there was coffee, tea and beer in the fridge. A little gesture that made us feel so welcome.