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We left Berlin on the 11th.

We've found it pretty hard to not get turned around at least once everytime we come in or go out of a bigger city, but, after a few tunrs arounds, we were on our way south west towards Brück. We had lunch in Postdam. Sat on a bench looking accross the water to a castle getting a facelift; it was mostly covered by scaffolding. Someplace a little past Ferch, in what I'm pretty sure was national forest, we tucked behinds few thicker trees and set up our first "stealth" campsite. We slept well and stayed dry despite the short rain in the middle of the night.

On the 12th we rode to Wittenburg, on the Elbe. We met a sweet French girl while biking. With a baloon strapped to her rear panniers and bright pink bar tape, she looked like she had a lot more experience exploring by bike than we have. She said she was lost and slowly making her way back to France. Also, she comitted that her bike wasnt built to be ridden as fast as ours so we should not stick together.

We stayed at a campsite in Wittenburg , right on the river's edge. It felt amazing to shower. I don't think I had in about five days. We had dinner with a young British guy, making his way back to Berlin where he is apparently starting a syrup business.

Today, we enjoyed the flat windings of the Elbe. We are traveling up stream to Prague, through Dresden. Its a gentle climb and a relaxing stretch of well marked bike paths. By about 5:00pm we found a spot under a bridge on the south side of Torgau, where we planned to come back after dark to set up our tents. As we made our way into the center of Torgau, we were humured to find posters announcing this weekend to be a celebration of America (the USA, not the entire continent). When we got to the town center we found a massive carnival with a stage up front and a bunch of Germans in costume line dancing. This was not what we were expecting to find in Torgau. Then, after a series of incredible events, of which Audrey Welch is the hero, we ended up meeting the head of the local power company and not only did she have our pictures taken and our story recorded for the local paper, she also bought us all rooms at a small bed and breakfast in the middle of town! No one was saying it but non of us were that excited to go back to the bridge with the light rain coming down.

We are amazed, everyday, at how well cared for we are and how far out of the way strangers will go on behalf of other strangers. We are extremely grateful to have made it this far and cannot belive how much fun we are having, celebrating America in Torgau, Germany tonight.

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