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We spent a leisurely morning and early afternoon enjoying Dresden. Karly and I got up early and stole away for a couple of hours alone. We watched the sun light move down the cathedral while we splurged and had four cups of coffee.

Dresden has an incredible artistic feel about it. I enjoyed wandering around without any real sense of what's what or where I was going. It feels small enough that it's graspable and knowable, but full of variety.

We biked through the rain for about twenty miles until dark, made dinner under the shelter of the tourist center and slept on the edge of the river in a field right in sight of the small town of Stat Wehlen.

We made it to Czech Republic on the 17th, passed a circus in Decin, took note that people love roller blading here, and slept between two train lines and a highway in the loudest camp ground I've ever been to.

We've been blown away by the beauty of this area of Southern Germany and Northern Czech Republic. The rolling greens and the winding rivers are extremely refreshing after the flat of Holland.

On the 18th we biked to along the Elbe until Melnik, where we split off and headed south along the Vltava towards Prague. The bike paths are not as well kept here in Czech; we've ridden through lots of muddy single track and carried our bikes up multiple flights of stairs. We slept 40 miles from Prague in a field on the edge of the river after meeting a couple and their Ridgeback pup, the show champion of Poland. It was honor. She was a beautiful dog.

We made it to Prague around 1:00pm on the 19th. It's an enchanting city, horrible for bikes, but beautiful architecture. We are staying with some very old friends of mine and taking the next few days to regroup, clean all our stuff and enjoy seeing a city by foot and public transport.

Today we are tucked up in a perfect coffee shop watching the rain. We just said good bye to the Welches. They are a delight to be with and will be missed.

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Dresden sounds lovely. Great photos!