4:00 pm

Star 1


* Things got a little more crowded and crazy once we reached the Mediterranean coast

* We slept in an abandoned water park and listened to drag racers screwing around in the parking lot next to us all night long

*We finally had our first flat tire

* We finally had to book a night at a hotel (twice) due to no camping places being open, our bikes almost getting stolen, prostitutes lining the edges of the road, and no warm shower hosts to be found.

* The roads had no shoulders and cars felt dangerously close

* We got shot at by a very distracted and clueless pheasant hunter

* Our tan lines really started to look established

* We dodged the Pyrenees and crossed into Spain by riding the winding coastal road through Banyuls Sur Mer and along the Costa Brava

*Finally had our second flat tire

*Slept in what felt like a spanish castle with two other cyclists from Australia and the UK

*Explored Girona

*Spent two nights in a camper van, parked in the garage of a Spanish Mountain bike champion

*Ate all kinds of Tapas and celebrated Karly's birthday in Barcelona

---- Top and Bottom Photos by Lauren

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