10:00 am

Star 7


We set out in September to experience the land and people of the countries that we would cycle through. We went without a plan. We invited risk and vulnerability in faith that the world is more good than bad, people are more generous than suspicious, and that if we remained open and as generous as we could be, we would be taken care of in one form or another. We connected with friends and friends of friends. We were invited into the homes of strangers, shared incredible conversations and food and wine with people we would have never met had we booked our accommodations in advance. We found incredible rest and beauty on the banks of so many different rivers and in the shelter of many different forests. We tested our endurance and patience. We learned to push a little harder and further and to admit that we need rest.

Now, back in the USA, we are all figuring out what is next for us. Lauren is in Burbank dreaming of good to come. Karly and I are in Austin, Texas chasing a career with the music scene here and trying to convince people to travel and explore this beautiful world more. We carry the confidence that if we remain open and as generous as we can be, we will be taken care of in one form or another. We look forward to hosting travelers with the care and attention that we felt while we were on the road. If you are ever in Austin, Texas and need a place to crash, don't hesitate to ask.

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