07 Sep 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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We rode from Amersfoort to Holten today via Apledoorn and Deventer. The first 40 Kilometers were our favorite, through beautiful farm land and quiet country roads. None of us have done much long distance cycling before and today we could feel it'll take some getting use to.

I came dangerously close to peeing my bike shorts at a shopping setting in Deventer.I have a relatively small bladder and I'm still readjusting to the fact that you cannot pull over and pee just about anywhere, the way I can in Tanzania. This will be a reoccurring issue for me, I'm sure. Thank God, and the fifty cents Karly had in her pocket, I was able to go in a bathroom I found in the media room. Holy moly.

We camped in Holten, at a disappointingly boring and expensive campground. "Camping" in Europe means something much different than Tanzania. Its our first time using all our camp gear though. Despite the short rain and heavy fog, we stayed dry and warm all night.

*Distance by bike: 84 Kilometers