08 Oct 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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We spent the night, two nights ago, in the parking lot if City Cycles Bike shop. We slept amazingly well. The girls didn't even wake up when the night guard came by and talked with me for a bit. He was happy to let us sleep once he knew we had been invited by the employees to camp out there.

The bladder of my air mattress has rotted out and will no longer hold air and seems to be un-patchable so once we got up we stopped by the massive sporting goods store, Transa, to see about prices for a new one. I couldn't bite the bullet so will have to do with the non inflated pad and a Maasai blanket. All is good.

After a massive oatmeal breakfast in a very neat and tidy park that I guess use to be known as "needle park" for what you would imagine, we found wifi and made a plan for leaving.

We made it to Baden by the afternoon and within a half hour of being in the city were invited to spend the night in the garden of an incredible Swiss family. We were very lucky to set up our tents under the porch and stayed out of the rain. It poured all night. We have been fed a superb breakfast and are almost all packet up and headed towards Biel.