09 Oct 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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We finally can see the Alps. My word they are stunning. We appreciate their power and beauty more so now then ever before, having come to them on bike. They seem a little more majestic than I remember them from high school. We took an over night bus then and woke up in the mountains. Watching and feeling the land grow as we bike towards them now is magic.

We are having lunch in Solothurn now and will be in Biel by this evening. We free camped on the side of the national cycle route 5 last night, in a little cobble stoned courtyard. Tonight we plan to sleep with warm shower hosts. Switzerland is expensive compared to Germany and very expensive compared to Czech Republic. We've been lucky and have only paid for a place to sleep once since being here, a plush RV camp ground on the Bodensee.