09 Sep 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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We rushed out the door this morning following Englebert, our warm shower's host, determined to not miss our 9:42am train to Berlin. He was very effective with his cycling hand signals. We made it to the station about a minute before boarding.

Once in Berlin, we met up with our good friends, Trevor and Audrey Welch, under the Brandenburg gate. They will be joining us for the next few weeks as we make our way towards Vienna.

We spent the day exploring the city's neighborhoods by bike. Our warm shower hosts are a sweet couple originally from Romania. They were a bit late coming home to let us in to their 16th floor apartment so we ended up making a rice and bean dinner on the side walk out front.

Tomorrow we plan to explore the city in more depth.

*Distance: a little of 400 Kilometers by train