13 Oct 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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Our warm shower hosts generously let me use their bike shed and tools in Biel. I had an amazing night, worked until 2:00am re-greasing everything, adding a few links to Karly's chain, grinding out the slot in her brakes so her shoes sit a bit lower and the pads better reach the rim of her 700c wheels and then rebuilding my rear wheel. I originally built it in Texas without knowing what I was doing and with no trueing stand. So I've had to continually re-adjust it and actually broke a spoke while we were still in Austria. The father of our host family was an incredible mechanic and worked with me until midnight to make sure I was on the right track. With his teaching and tools I ended up with a very close to perfect wheel and I have hardy been able to think about anything but bike mechanics since that night.

We spent the night in Bern on the 10th. After cheese fondu with white wine and black tea we rode around the city to check out the film festival and have drinks.

Lauren's foot woke her up in the night in so much pain and swelling that we decided to rest the morning of the 11th and then train to Thun in the afternoon to avoid any extra stress. Thun is absolutely gorgeous. It sits on the lake's shore looking at the Alps across the water. We've been invited to stay as long as we need by the 24-7 community house here and are so thankful to have a place and space as we try to figure out what to do with Lauren's foot. We anticipate being here at least three nights.

We saw a doctor earlier today who seems to think its a Gout flare up. We have no idea but should have the results from the blood test he took later this afternoon. I'm already a bit antsy to get back on the road but I think the rest is the most important thing now. Lauren is incredibly tough, so the fact that she doesn't want to ride must mean that it is hurting horribly.