15 Sep 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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In the very short time that we've been here, Dresden has won my heart as my favorite city we've seen so far. Maybe it's the sun that's just come out from the heavy layer of clouds, but the vibes are sure good here.

We arrived around 2:00pm after a night of wild camping outside of Riesa. We slept in a perfect little spot under some big old trees right next to the river. As we pulled up, two small dear ran out and we knew it was good. The owls were loud all night but gave us the sense of being looked after.

This morning we saw a small fox and a number of squirrels as we made our way south east up the river. As we've travelled the landscape has become increasingly interesting with woods , rock formations and larger hills. You can only enjoy flat fit so long.

The ride from Torgau to Riesa was fairly uneventful. We did have our first real ran while in route. I loved it. It gave a little sense of thrill to the relatively straight forward ride.

We are growing stronger everyday. I've loved listening to Karly speak German. She amazes me more every day.