27 Sep 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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*Packed up our wild camp and made breakfast in a bus stop about a kilometer down the road

*Rode through beautiful farm land on small, empty farm roads, up and down steep climbs and descents.

*Got lost and ended up biking on dirt trails through mud and brush

*Past through about a million small villages that seemed to be inhabited by only dogs

*Finally found a small bar that was opened and rested there for a couple of hours after drinking a couple cups of their "Dirty Coffee"

*Spent the night in an abandoned campsite along the banks of the Vltava

*The sun finally came out we made a late breakfast of eggs and potatoes on a picnic table in a small village called Vavaržov

*Crossed the Vltava on an insanely high bridge, Karly screaming the entire time

*Had lunch in the amazing little town of Pisek

*Wild Camped on the edge of a farmer's field

*Had breakfast (some interesting broth type thing and dirty coffee) in Bavorov at a small café with four older women who spoke no English whatsoever.

*Biked some more incredible climbs and descents and made it to Ćesky Krumlov right before dark

*Slept at a very nice hostel

*Followed the Vltava further south, up into the mountains and crossed the border into Austria.

*Met a Syrian Ballet Dancer at a Kabob shop in Linz, and stayed at his empty Apartment for two days