30 Sep 2014

Europe By Bike by trevorborden


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*Met an incredible Australian couple as we made our way West out of Linz along the Danube. She was a hoot and we loved talking with her. He was an honorary citizen of South Africa due to his decision to boycott the Rugby games there during the Apartheid. He has a letter from Nelson Mandela to prove it.

*Enjoyed being on bike paths along the river again

* Spent the night just East of Passau on the border of Germany

*I fixed a broken spoke in Passau and bought a few extra for back up

*We followed the river to Deggendorf and ended up camping in the front yard of a small bed and breakfast. The owners were a sweet older couple who loved Karly's German.

*Headed South West along the Isar and through friends of friends we stayed with a family a few kilometers outside of Landshut. They welcomed us warmly, we showered, did laundry and shared stories of Africa as they lived in Tanzania some years ago as well. We were inspired to live like them and to host as they hosted. It was hard to leave.

*We made it to Munich in time to drink liters of beer at the Oktoberfest and to make friends with a rowdy bunch of Australian young men.