10:30 pm

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More nervous than excited.

The magnitude of this trip is only just starting to sink in as I check off items on my packing list. Saved quite a bit of money by borrowing a tri-climate jacket, a down sleeping bag and a backpack from my friends. Still, stuff like gore-tex trekking shoes, dri-fit innerwear, winterwear (completely unnecessary in Singapore) and specialized hiking items like quick-dry towels don't come cheap.

Then there's the problem of fitting 2 weeks' worth of supplies into one backpack. Winter clothes are so bulky! Plus I tend to over-pack for security and frivolity. Feel a little - okay, very - sad that I'll be looking the same in all my photographs. I know this calls for a slap, but too bad I can't feel you over the Internet :)

Here's one tip I learnt: Bring back-up powerbanks and camera batteries because electricity in the mountain lodges is intermittent.

This will be my first Christmas away from home! I was buying my trekking shoes (not from IKEA, in case you were wondering) and saw these beautiful lights. I will miss you, Singapore.

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