12:30 am

Star 2


It just turned Christmas five minutes ago here in Pokhara. Listening to Lyn on a wintry night, spending Christmas away from everything that's familar - all this time and distance hasn't stopped my mind from wandering to where it's not supposed to be, my heart from seeking what isn't mine.

I leave for my trek tomorrow. I wonder how it will change me, if at all.

Over dinner I met an elderly lady named Linda, who'd just returned from a trek to Annapurna base camp. She always spends Christmas away from home - last year she'd climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the year before she'd joined an expedition to Macchu Picchu.

Watching Linda made me sad. There was something in her dignified composure that spoke of loss. Maybe it was a loved one, maybe it's regret at something she did or didn't do. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

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