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After we're done unpacking, Mahesh has us lie in sleeping bags on beds in a darkened room for a yoga nidra session. If done right it supposedly places one in a state of lucid sleep, in which one is technically awake but only cognizant of one's dream environment, and not one's surroundings.

I'm naturally skeptical of everything so having never done this before I found the situation absurdly funny. Still, I followed Mahesh's instructions to a T - easy because he has such a soothing voice and reassuring presence.

2014 brought me through emotional highs and lows, and my thoughts have been all over the place because I've been putting off confronting facts I don't want to face. When Mahesh gently told us during the yoga nidra session to set a resolve for ourselves, something that we want to achieve in the distant future, and to repeat that resolve to ourselves thrice, the aim of my trip became immediately apparent to me. It was as if all my scattered thoughts had been distilled into a single line, clear as day, and when I awoke after the session I realized that my face was wet with tears. Scary, but helpful, I hope. Here's to facing the challenges that 2015 will bring.




Wow -- sounds amazing. 2015 will be a good year!



@Dorothy I sure hope so! And that it'll be a great one for you and for Bonjournal too :)