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This teahouse serves an inconsistent masala latte - just last night it tasted like a Starbucks Christmas drink but this morning it's practically masala flavoured water :,-(

Short one-hour walk back to where we started at Nayapul Crossing, where a van will be waiting to take us to Pokhara. I chat with Mahesh and then Sumit about the problems Nepal faces.

It's crazy that a country so rich in resources should be so underdeveloped. Mahesh says there are 36 political parties in the country jostling for power. Politicians make short-term promises to please the electorate, knowing that before the ruling party has a chance to implement its policies they'll be voted out at the next election. Bribery and corruption are rampant from the municipal to the cabinet level. Having given up on the government, people are apathetic about trying to change the country, preferring to leave for greener pastures.

How did this get so intense? Haha. Here are pictures of some things I saw along the way.

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