7:30 pm

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I had to make my way back to Purna Yoga for a New Year's Eve/ farewell dinner. It was a 3 kilometer walk, and I didn't realise the area near Hotel Grand Holiday would be so dimly lit and so suburban. I was the only foreigner out on the streets as far as I could tell, and I wasn't comfortable taking out my phone to check the map.

I made a turn onto the main road, which was crowded with honking vehicles carrying people headed for the street festival. It was when I reached the border of Pokhara (huge "THANK YOU FOR VISIT" banner ) that I realized I was epically lost. Went into a travel agency to ask for directions, and the guy kindly helped to point me in the right direction. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared at all.

Ended up being 45 minutes late for dinner - and worn out from an unplanned trek - but hey, at least I got there.

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