10:00 am

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Had an appointment at 9.30 a.m. but it was pushed back. While I was waiting a Nepali man came into the shop and offered some celebratory snacks to the staff (because New Year's Day!), and very good-naturedly offered me one as well. It was really... sweet. Haha.

After waiting for some time I headed to a patisserie just across the road for a light breakfast. The place was actually full, so I figured it couldn't go too wrong. Got a croissant and a cup of black tea.

Wasn't expecting much when I bit into the croissant, but it turned out excellent. By excellent I mean it was a warm, buttery, crispy, flaky dream of a croissant.

The best part? The total bill came up to USD0.55. Crying tears of gratitude.

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