12:00 pm

Star 1


We're standing on the edge of a takeoff point, waiting for a nice juicy thermal to hit so we get a good lift for take-off. The weather today is cloudy and the lack of thermals make for flying conditions that are less than optimal.

After strapping me into my harness, Becca coaches me on how to feed Bob, who'll be flying with us. My anxiety is palpable, so a French paragliding instructor helping to check our set-up offers some wise words of advice: Look into the horizon. Don't look down.

I fix my gaze on clouds in the distance, and begin running on command. I run as fast as I can, moving my legs even when the ground beneath me has given way to nothingness.

The views are splendid. I'm giddy with adrenaline.

Can't think of a more amazing and unforgettable way to start a year.




Wow. That's quite a way to start 2015!



It was actually a really comfortable ride too, way less scarier than it looks! Hehe. Happy CNY @Dorothy !



Happy year of the sheep to you!!