26 Dec 2014

Nepal by findingmomo


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I don't have the healthiest dietary habits but regular-sized candy bars are things I generally wouldn't eat. To hell with that now; I need an incentive to keep climbing. I stop to buy a Mars bar and devour the thing on the spot, then continue panting my way up.

There're plenty of these provision shops along the way and they sell basic necessities like bottled water, toilet paper, along with Mars, Snickers and Twix bars. Note that prices increase as you head higher up - the price per candy bar can vary from USD1 to USD2.

The houses here are painted in the most vibrant shades of blue and orange. They look lovely against the sky.

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My mood for photo-taking returns as the steps get less steep. Even without considering the landscape the houses here are truly beautiful. Check out the stone masonry on that abandoned house. It's all the more impressive seeing as how settlers here have to make do with the limited resources they have, occasionally relying on supplies delivered by mules.